Our Policy

ACA Established as a response to the growing demands of the shipping industry in search for highly competent, motivated and loyal seagoing staff, while retaining a high degree of cost efficiency. In result of maritime expertise and continuous education, combined with pioneering technology, ACA offers high quality services that present many advantages to its clients.

• Provide the financial and human resources necessary for developing service quality.
• Trying to eliminate Non conformity cases in order to improve competitive quality ability.
• Encourage and motivate employees to create and enhance team spirit. Set a frame of reviewing our objectives & policies by the following means:

1. Management review.
2. Internal audit
3. Measuring customer satisfaction
4. Process control.

Define and highlight duties and responsibilities and spread it within the organization Periodical review for quality goals & policy to ensure continuous matching with changes which might affect the process effectiveness.

One of the most important pillars of company policy is to apply most recent quality systems as per the requirement of ISO 9001-2008 Standard & MLC 2006 convention

Social Responsibility

At ACA, we believe in being a part of the fabric of the society we live in and as such, we strive to improve it however we can. Hence, though we’re a business with great ambitions, we honor our social responsibility and humble ourselves in raising the less fortunate around us.