Alexandria for Marine and Shipping Services

Alexandria for marine and shipping services is Joint stock Company subject to law 159 for 1981 and a contract, Approved under No. 1789 for 2011.

Commercial name: Alexandria for Marine and Shipping Services S.A.E.
Location: Alexandria, Egypt.


Crewing all companies working in the field of Maritime transport on Egyptian and Foreign ships and different maritime units. (Alexandria Crewing Agency)

All technical studies in relation to the maritime transport, maritime surveying, Managing and organizing courses and seminars in the field of maritime transport

Maritime and land transport (with the exception of tourist and air transport).

Owning, chartering and managing all ships types of all capacities.

Presenting all shipping, marine and logistic services to all ships.

Loading and discharge operation.

General and specialized contracting works in the field of maritime transport.

Maritime agency (with the exception of tourists transport services).

Presenting shipping and marine consultations services and information technology.

Selling, buying, chartering, maintenance and cleaning of containers.

Carrying out all works of custom clearance and collective policies.

General Import & Export and trading activities 13- Carrying out all works of storage using refrigeration stores, packages and storing yards.

Carrying out all marine works and services including: ( Loading and unloading of containers on ships – Presenting services of tug boats, supply boats and service sandals – Cleaning the ships holds -Loading and unloading of Goods in yards and truck type means of transport – Painting and Chipping works for ships, provided considering: Prime ministers decision No. 350 for 2007 and presidential decision No. 356 for 2008. Decisions of transport minister’s No. 520 for 2003, 451 for 2009, provisions of laws and decisions enforce)